helicopter, tour, charter, aerial, tours, adventure time, adventure, geography, aerial viewStepping out of your comfort zone and taking a unique adventure is always good for the soul.

When you happen to add an elevation rise on average of a few thousand feet, I’ve found that it’s even better!

Of course, what I’m talking about is a helicopter charter…have you ever been on one?

Well, you may be in for a surprising treat!  There are quite a few benefits of taking a contemporaneous tour of the different countries, cities, and villages you travel too – all from the air.

Besides the obvious benefit of getting a bird’s eye view of the land, you can better explore the region by reading the geography of the land and getting a unique feel for what it has to offer the local economy.

But what other benefits can be reaped of taking such an adventure?  Read on to discover the benefits of taking a helicopter charter for your next off the beaten path adventure!

Take a Helicopter Adventure over Diverse Geography…

1.) Raise your tolerance for uncertainty!

It’s no hidden truth that taking an adventure will raise your tolerance for uncertainty.  If you bring that adventure into the air, and everything goes right, then voila!  You’ve got yet another experience under your belt to tell all of the friends, family members, and even strangers you run into after you’ve taken that adventure.

By sharing the successful adventure, you’ll subconsciously raise your self-esteem and be even more will to go on yet another in the future!  Overall, you’ll raise your total tolerance for uncertainty!

2.) Understand the local economy!

As I mentioned earlier in the article, taking a helicopter tour can help you understand the local economy, unlike any other way.  How do you ask?  Simple – you’ll get a feel for the shape of the land.

As you’ve been taught over and over in grade school, communities are often formed around bodies of water.  By taking a helicopter tour, you’ll get the opportunity to go above your given destination and see how the land is shaped, where there are creeks, streams, rivers, or lakes.  You’ll notice that each of the buildings will ultimately have been built around landmass, affecting what part of the town was built where.

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3.) Access places that are inaccessible!

If you’re visiting places such as the Na Pali Coastline, the Grand Canyon, or the Himalayas, you’ll quickly realize that there are places that you must see that are simply inaccessible unless you go in via an abnormal form of transportation.

If you don’t feel like hoofing it on foot or taking a mountain bike down a sketchy path, a good way to visit these areas is by taking a helicopter tour.  The small investment is totally worth the unique view and ease of transportation.

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4.) Save time, and money, with just 1 tour!

Sure, a helicopter tour could cost upwards of a few hundred dollars.  However, look at the time, and money, you’ll be saving by taking part in one.

For instance, you could easily pay big bucks to see multiple places by going on several tours but, if time is of the essence, simple condense three adventure tours into one by taking a helicopter charter.  This way, you can ask your guide all the intimate questions you have over the course of a few hours, and be back to your room in time for happy hour later that afternoon!

5.) Beat the crowds, have an intimate tour!

People travel from thousands of miles away to see the most pristine of destinations.  You know what that means?  Crowds.  Why not beat them to the punch by taking your tour into the air?

Gain the all needed elbow room by reserving a seat on a helicopter above the crowds.  You’ll not only have the bragging rights of saying you flew through the Waimea Canyon, but you’ll have the unique photos to prove it too!

Have you ever been on a helicopter tour?