A Beach's CharacterFlorida is infamous for many things when it comes to attractions.  

You have Walt Disney World, Miami, the Paradise Coast, HarborWalk Village as well as the attractions in Destin, and of course, all of the other beaches surrounding such a diverse state.  But what is it like to step off the beaten path on a Florida holiday?

Where do the locals go for their weekend getaways when they don’t have the time and/or budget to go to the neighboring island of the Bahamas?  

As a born & raised Floridian, I’ve listed some of the top destinations/things to do in Florida that are considered a little more “off the beaten path”…something that we all crave so much while traveling!

Top overlooked attractions in Florida

Visit a fishing village

Many people don’t realize that Florida has many quaint fishing villages, right off the Gulf of Mexico.  My personal favorite is Cedar Key, home of the Black Dog Bar & Tables.  If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, these are the small towns to hit up.

With an occasional seafood festival coming to town, the place can really fill up with locals passing through to enjoy fresh shellfish, cool beers, smooth wine & a tranquil Gulf Coast sunset.

Cedar Key Fishing Dock

Hiking on the Florida Trail

Most people don’t realize that, apart from the hot and humid summers which are perfect for family trips to the beach, Florida has fantastic weather for outdoor sports.  More specifically: hiking & backpacking.  

Spanning from the deep-deep South all the way North through Tallahassee, the Florida Trail offers 1,300 miles of backcountry terrain.  The most popular hot spots include the Ocala National Forest, the Big Cypress National Preserve & the Gulf Islands National Seashore in Pensacola.  If you really want to visit the real Florida, go for a hike.

Florida Trail Hike Foot Sign

Get a thrill at a theme park

Millions of people visit Florida every year to simply visit the theme parks.  And there’s no wonder why they’re a hell of a lot of fun!  And you want to know my little secret?  Local Floridians do the same thing.

Between Busch Gardens exotic wildlife & wild rides, Disney Worlds magical theme park and SeaWorlds attractive water shows, these are the places to be.


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Go to an Alligator Farm and/or Zoo

Just like Arizona’s Phoenix Zoo, Florida has some fantastic places to see the local native wildlife as well.

The real side of Florida is quite diverse in its exotic wildlife.  Some of the most famous are the North America Alligator, White-Tail Deer & of course a plethora of venomous and non-venomous snakes.

Mating Alligators

Skydiving, Zip-Lining or Cave Diving

Believe it or not, Florida has some pretty awesome adventure activities for just about every skill level.  Between skydiving over sunny beaches, zip-lining through massive oak trees and cave diving into the natural 72-degree aquifers, you’re sure to find something to get your blood pumping.

Big Zipline

What is one attraction in Florida you’ve always wanted to visit that is often overlooked?