Algarve Portugal Outdoors River CreekThe great outdoors offer a plethora of experiences for anyone looking to enjoy some time in the sun.

And if you’re planning a trip to Portugal, you’ve got to ensure that Algarve is on your bucket list of places to see.  

Between the nature parks, beaches, scenic coasts, and beautiful cliffs the outdoorsman in you will love you for such a visit.

So, whether it be taking a last minute holiday to go on an adventure such as skydiving, or simply taking the time to take in the scenic sunset at the beach, take a look at these top outdoor adventures that you must experience while traveling to the beautiful Mediterranean climate of Southern Portugal.

You can’t miss these outdoor experiences in Algarve

Explore the Algarve Coastline

Algarve Portugal Outdoors Coast Coastline Ocean Mediterranean

Known extremely well for its breathtaking scenic backdrops, the Algarve Coastline showcases some of the most dramatic cliffs entering the Mediterranean Sea.

If you’re wanting to explore this extremely picturesque stretch of limestone caves and grottoes, I would highly recommend either renting a few kayaks for the day or renting a powerboat to get the most out of your excursion.

Sail the Mediterranean Coast

Algarve Portugal Outdoors Sailing Mediterranean

What’s a day on the Mediterranean Sea without sailing?  Combine sailing with a little rum and antique pirate ship, then you’ve got a day to remember for decades to come.  Want to go at your own pace?  Then I would highly recommend getting your own sailboat and perhaps do a little fishing or diving amongst the many reefs in the area.

If you’re one of the lucky few to keep the sailboat for months, you may even want to check out my other top destinations to explore while sailing the Mediterranean Sea.

Spend a Relaxing Day at the Beach

Algarve Portugal Outdoors Beach Mediterranean

With over 3,000 hours of the sunshine per year and a low annual rainfall, you’re almost guaranteed a sunny day at the beach when it comes to visiting Algarve.

These long sandy beaches are protected by golden, limestone cliffs that were shaped over the years by clashing waves into the mainland.  Much of these areas are less explored and, although there are a few famous beaches, there are still secrets to be discovered with hidden paths that only the locals would know about.

Test Your Balance Kitesurfing

Algarve Portugal Outdoors Kitesurfing kite surfing Mediterranean Sea Beach

If you’re looking to get some exercise in, take on a kitesurfing class to hit the waves.  This super dynamic sport will having you leaping in and out of the water, surfing waves in no time!

Go for a Day Hike in the Nature Parks

Algarve Portugal Outdoors River Creek

Lastly, but certainly not least, are the list of nature parks.  Away from the more touristy coastlines, Algarve hosts a surplus of flower-filled meadows teeming with wildlife of all sorts. 

The conglomeration of peaceful rivers, woodlands, and meadows will offer you one of the most photogenic places that are seldom seen by visitors.  Get your camera ready as plants, birds, animals, reptiles, moths, butterflies, and other fascinating creatures will leave you wanting to move to this wonderful part of Algarve!

What is your favorite experience of Algarve?