Australia Melbourne City Scape Night River BridgeIf you’re considering taking one of the many overseas adventure tours around the world, why not consider a holiday to Melbourne?

The city has many things to do that can captivate the avid adventure traveler when it comes to trips backpacking around the world.

The best solo trips, however, will come with a twist of spontaneous exploration as you uncover Melbournes best markets, scenic sites, outdoor adventures, and laid back culture.  Be sure to check out my 5 tips for seeing Australia on the cheap and then follow me as I guide you through the best things to do in Melbourne.

I’m covering everything from culinary adventures exploring the various markets that’ll have you drooling for your next meal, to taking you on a real down under adventure as you’ll explore underneath the city in it’s various lurking caverns and natural waterways!

Things to do in Melbourne

1.) Visit the Market in Melbourne

Boomerang Melbourne Australia Market

It’s no hidden secret that the markets of Melbourne boast as the cities longest running cultural icons…and why wouldn’t they?

They provide the perfect setting for friends and families to get together and explore, as well as for the solo traveler looking to experience authentic Australian cuisine.  Of course, if you’re not staying with friends & family, you could always rent a car in Melbourne to get there.  After that, make sure to tick the famous Coburg Night Market and French Market off your bucket list.

They not only sell indigenous inspired boomerangs but also fresh produce right off the farm to create a budget friendly meal much different than what you would find in the raw market of Vietnam and Taling Chan floating market of Thailand.

2.) Get Down Under while Caving in Melbourne!

Not many people have the opportunity to say that they’ve truly gone down under Australia when they visit this fascinating part of the world -but if you’re really wanting to have a story to tell, then check out the Yarra Junction Caves.

Take note as this is not your average scenic tour.  The hour-long drive from Melbourne is certainly worth the day-trip as your guide will help you navigate through the deep, pitch black and muddy caves where you’ll get the opportunity to see live glowworms and squeeze through various narrow trenches until you make it out on the other side!

Not sure you have what it takes to go caving?  Take a look at my caving experience in the Skyline Caverns as well as the very wet Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave in Nepal.

3.) Take an Adventure on the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Melbourne Australia Beach Cliff Sea

Hawaii isn’t the only place to road trip near the coastline.  One of the many adventures you should take while visiting Melbourne will lead you to a road trip along Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

A full days trip minimum is required for this one as you drive 2.5 hours SouthWest of Melbourne but the time invested is totally worth it as you’ll witness one of the world’s most scenic drives.  The stunning coastlines, small surf villages, and seaside towns offer one of the best opportunities for photographers to capture what it is truly like to live as an Aussie surf bum.

4.) Explore the Melbourne Zoo

If you’re not a fan of exploring the underground world of caving or long road trips, perhaps a simple day at the Zoo will suffice your wanderlust.  The Melbourne Zoo continuously hosts wildlife from not only their native outback but from all over the world.

Get up, close, and personal with lemur’s, kangaroos, meerkats, squirrel monkeys, and many other creatures as you’ll be able to take your time or have a quick trip getting to know the non-venomous animals of the outback.

5.) Witness the Penguin Parade!

Penguin Parade Australia Victoria Melbourne Phillip Island

Say what – I can see penguins in Australia?!

You’ve got that right!  And not just a handful of them either.  If you take a trip out to Phillip Island, you can witness the world’s smallest penguins return from their daily fishing rituals where they will swim up onto the beach and proceed to waddle to the safety of their homes on the sand dunes.

This unique experience gives you plenty of opportunities to view the penguins without disturbing them and is a great way to cap off your visit to Melbourne while watching the sunset in the background.

What is your top thing to do in Melbourne while going on a down under adventure?