Cancun Mexico Tropical Waters Ocean Sea CarribbeanAfter years of travelling you tend to pick up on a few things that naturally become habits. 

For instance, learning the little tips and tricks that allow travel to become a fully exponential experience is what makes it fun for not only myself, but thousands of travelers around the globe.

But for those of us who are relatively new to trekking in the field, what are those key things that will allow the best travel experience possible?

What’s going to leave you with that hakuna matata frame of mind to allow you to get the best out of your vacation?  Well, following these travel rules will get you started on the right foot.  Now get out there, follow your dreams and travel!

Travel mantras and rules to live by

Pack light.

Gregory Baltoro 65 Internal Frame Backpack Front ViewYou’ll never see me traveling with a boat load of stuff…seriously!  Take a look at my backpacking gear list and you’ll notice that I’m one of the lightest backpackers out there.  I carry the bare minimum with me and for good reason: because that’s just a little less that I have to worry about.  

When preparing for your next trip abroad, try getting one 65 liter backpack or less and only take whatever you can fit in there.  It’ll save you time packing, money when booking flights (no overweight luggage fees), be easier to keep track of what you own (and stash it when you need to) amongst other things!  

Trust me, you won’t regret and may even feel a sense of freedom by carrying everything you need in one simple bag. 😉

Remain stress-free.

Are you not able to go on that special tour you wanted to go on?  Did your reservation fall through to that really cool restaurant?  Don’t stress over the little things.  Take it easy, live simply and more importantly, remain stress-free.

Doing so will gain you much happiness and, believe it or not, as you travel more the easier of an art it is to master.  Simply put, go with the flow!

Savor the moment.

Have you ever heard of the term Carpe Diem?  It means to “Seize the MomentorSeize the Day“.  Any backpacker I’ve ran into on the road who’ve lived up to this term have always seemed to enjoy themselves ten times over.  

Carpe Diem

And for good reason.

I don’t intend to get too philosophical on you, but when you truly live for the moment you enjoy life immensely!  You not only take a look around you, but you also become one with what’s around you.  You become happier, smile more often and get involved.  In return, you create memories, you create stories and you create happiness.  

Always remember to savor every moment of every day for as long as you live!

Try new things.

Going hand in hand with savoring the moment, you have to try new things.  Eat new foods, meet new people, get involved in new activities.  Are you scared of jumping over the side of that bridge on your first bungee jumping experience?  Have you ever been on a cruise to the Bahamas?  

How about trekking…have you ever stepped off the beaten path while in a foreign country, met new cultures and lived with them?  Then step up to the plate, overcome your fears and you’ll learn that it was the biggest (and best) decision you’ve ever made in your life!

Focus on what’s around you.

Similar to savoring the moment, focus on what’s around you.  Becoming a travel blogger has opened my eyes immensely to what’s going on around me.  You focus on the details of what’s constantly occurring.

For instance, before preparing to write an article about where it is you’ve just traveled to, you must look at the details of everything.  How many different shades of color is the sky?  What are the clouds shaped like?  What do those ants look like crawling up the side of your coffee table?  How many are there and where are they going?  

What color is the stone on the building across the street?  What is the texture & feeling of that stone?  How is the neighbor next to you talking, thinking, writing or how do you think he/she is feeling?  

Paying close attention to the finer details in life that most don’t look at can really open your eyes in a totally new and interesting way!

Don’t stop dreaming.

Dream big!  What else is there to say?  Don’t be afraid to step out onto the plank and jump into the ocean (okay maybe I’m coming on a little strong with the Pirates of the Caribbean reference but that further makes my point)!

Think of the top 3-5 places you’ve always wanted to visit and write them down on a piece of paper.  Remember these places.  Now go and research different sites that could have good travel deals.  If you need a good starting point, check out the following:

By putting forth a little effort, doing your research and finding what fits in your budget, you can really put yourself in some amazing places.  Follow your dreams, step outside of your normal boundaries and you’ll gain access to many parts of the world most will never see.

Stay curious.

Remember as a child being very curious about life, what it entails and what you can do with it?  Well, hopefully, you haven’t grown up so much to the point that you’ve lost your aspect of curiosity.  

To me, this is what makes the world go round.  All great things come from curiosity, just like traveling.  Stay curious, wonder big and venture out into the unknown because it could change your life forever!

Smile big.

Good Friends

Last but certainly not least, always remember to smile big.  Stay happy and try to keep a “the glass is half full” mentality.  You’ll age slower, remain happier and draw the kind of people that you want to be around you while 1,000 miles away from home.  🙂

What rules do you live by while traveling?