What’s going on here?  8 days go by and you receive no email, no phone call…not even a bloody text!  Wait a second…you’re sounding like my ex-girlfriend but at least (unlike her nagging and annoying self) you have the right to. 😉  I have this obligation now to keep you informed on what’s going on with my end of life.

It’s almost time to board the plane again!

With the combination of my upcoming flight just around the corner, the upcoming release of my “Get Up, Get Set & Travel eBook” as well as preparing for the making of my upcoming Video Series due to be released this summer, I’ve been busier than ever with a COLOSSAL amount of work on my palette and I love it!

So Where Am I Going Again?

It’s simple really…I’m jumping on a plane and flying down to a beloved destination in Central America.  That’s right, I have Costa Rica in my site with just a little over 2 1/2 weeks to go and I’m busier than ever!  

So what’s the plan?  Well, on April 16th my buddies Alex, Trevor & I are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime backpacking around the southern part of Costa Rica and discovering what natural treasures are in store for us.  

So We Do Have a Game Plan…well sort of…  

Our main goal:  

To find hard to reach locations that most people don’t see on a daily basis.  

What We’ll be Carrying:

Camera Gear

What’s on our Backs

Food & Water

Main Destinations of Interest:

San Jose –

Ah…the grand capital of San Jose.  So what is there to do here?  Well, what better place to try Costa Rica’s national dish “Gallo Pinto” (a pre-cooked dish of rice and beans fried together with peppers, onions, cilantro and other ingredients) than to taste it right in the heart of Costa Rica herself!

Limon –

The small town of Puerto Limon offers many things to do for tourists and locals alike.  With the options of surfing, fishing, rainforest expeditions and even zip-lining there is plenty to see and do here! 

Corcovado National Park – 

As the only remaining old growth wet forests on the Pacific coast of Central America, Corcovado National Park has over 13 ecosystems and is a pristine location to view some of Costa Rica’s rarest species in the rainforest as well as along the coast. 

Chirripó National Park – aka the “Place of Enchanted Waters”

Home to the highest peak in Costa Rica, backpackers from all over the world try to summit this 10,000 foot, 11 mile long hike with nothing more than a backpack, some snacks and a HEAP TON of water.  Harboring 2 huts (one half way up and the other at the peak) where you can crash at night, it is said that on a clear day you can simultaneously view the crystal clear Caribbean Ocean as well as the Pacific!

Anywhere Else We End Up! –

The main goal of this trip is to explore new locations that have hardly been reached, try new (local) cuisine and experience what it’s like (from a locals perspective) to live in Costa Rica!  In other words…to travel!

Don’t worry this isn’t the end of it!!  Concluding my trip to Costa Rica, I will be flying to Florida for a week where I will be spending 8 days along the coast living it up soaking in the sun & drinking Pina Colada’s.  After spending my time here, I will be flying into the Las Vegas Airport where I will reunite with my friend Trevor for a 3 week road trip through California.

Our stops?  Well, on the list is the “Lightning in a Bottle Festival” and maybe even a stop at a Buddhist Temple to volunteer for a week.  Of course, we’re not limiting ourselves to this as we are open to go, experience & live!  

I would give you a little more information on what we plan to do in California but we haven’t gotten that far in the adventure planning process quite yet.  Stay tuned though as I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic time!