Slot MachinesCrazier things have happened…I think.  I mean Vegas…boy oh boy Vegas… Have you been there yet?  

Well you ought to go.  During my first REAL trip (not the one where I was stuck at the airport all night), things went crazy…really crazy.  Gambling…strippers…shots…all nighters…pool parties with DJ’s and dancing while drinking beers at $20 a pop…it all happens.  Perhaps it’s not the most budget friendly of places, but it’s a shit ton of fun.  And I do realize that I’m about to outline that code of

“What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”

but sometimes you just have to tell people.  And if you want to go there, “technically” I’m not telling you what actually happened to me during my trip in Vegas, I’m merely giving you a “guide” to show you what you should do during your next visit…

So all logistics aside, here is a list of the top things you should do when in Vegas!

  • Visit Caesar’s Palace

  • Get a room at the Cosmopolitan & not sleep in the bed from staying up all night

  • Go to the World’s Largest Strip Club

  • Motorboat a Stripper

  • Get a lap dance from a Stripper

  • Have a philosophical talk with a stripper

  • Get your “happy ending” with a stripper

  • Attend a Rave or two

  • Attend a clothing optional pool party

  • Meet some crazy awesome chicks

  • Dance with the crazy awesome chicks

  • Make out with Lesbians

  • Grind on a hot Grandma while shwasted…

  • Feel up the hot Grandma…

  • Turn down a prostitute

  • Turn down 2 prostitutes at the same time

  • Attend a corny tour at the Hoover Dam & laugh every time they say shaft…

  • Have 1 cocktail, on the hour, every hour for 24 hours & maintain yourself 😉

  • Hang out on the rooftop of the Hard Rock Casino

  • Go down the water slide at the Hard Rock Casino with a giant drink in hand

  • Tell a girl she lost her top while going down the water slide at the Hard Rock Casino

  • Ride at least one of the four thrill rides at the Stratosphere

  • Gamble and learn how to win Big!!

  • Visit the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino

  • Check out the mini Eiffel Tower

  • Have a drink at the Luxor Las Vegas Resort Hotel & Casino

  • Become submerged at Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay

  • Attend an All You Can Eat Buffet!!

  • Ride the Roller Coaster at New York

  • Enjoy the Fountains Show at the Bellagio

  • Hold all of your alcohol and never lose your cool!

  • Don’t EVER drink & drive!

Well that about does it…now remember I didn’t say I’ve “done” all of these things so technically I’m not breaking that code of “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas”.  I’m just merely giving you an outline of what you should do! 😉

Got any questions or would you like any recommendations?  Be sure to leave me a comment at the end!  Now go out and have fun kiddies!

My Question for You: What do you recommend to do while in Vegas?