The Phoenix Zoo has a wide variety of animals ranging from both endangered species to wildlife that you could see every day in nature.  Take a look at the photo essay I put together of this wonderful place.

If there’s one message I walked away with, it’s that the Phoenix Zoo is dedicated to spreading the word of the importance wildlife conservation has in this world!

Exploring the Phoenix Zoo Wildlife

The Phoenix Zoo

Welcome to the Phoenix Zoo!


Can you spot the tortoise?

Napping Bird

Bird napping in the sun.

Turkey Vulture

It’s a turkey Vulture!

Manta Ray Food

Manta Sting Ray Food.

Manta Ray

Manta Sting Rays.

Road Runner

Road Runner checking me out.


Snake basking in the sunshine.

Venomous Rattlesnake

Rattlesnake camouflaged under a tree stump.

Venomous Rattlesnake 2

Another Rattlesnake.

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl out & aware.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dog standing watch.


Hogs foraging for food.


Enjoying animal enrichment.


Two Giraffes on the Prairie.


Bull roaming next to the Water Hole.


Wild Hare roaming around the Zoo.


Tiger sitting outside his den.

Arabian Oryx

Arabian Oryx in his enclosure.

African Lion

Male African Lion watching over his environment.


The Squirrel Monkey inside the Monkey Village.

I hope you enjoyed the conglomeration of photos from the Phoenix Zoo!  What is your favorite zoo?  Did it seem to have a major impact on the world?