Brazil Chair lift gondola Beach City Overview ScenicToday marks the day.  I’ve got less than a month to go and a lot to do before I begin my backpacking trip. 

First the vaccination shots, my itinerary, my gear, planning, work, etc, etc, etc. The planning process for preparing a vacation abroad never ends!

I’ve just finished a general itinerary of where I want to go when I fly into Peru.  The truth is, I have no real plans when I begin my 4,000 mile long adventure. 

Other than a few key points like Machu Picchu in Peru and Angel Falls in Argentina, I’ll pretty much be setting a very laid back pace and going with the flow.  After all, from my experience, this is the best way of traveling especially when I’m trying to find cheap places to travel.

What’s the point of backpacking South America?

Angel Falls South America Venezuela Waterfall Scenic Mountain Jungle

The purpose in its entirety of my traveling to South America is to not only travel the continent and experience the culture, religions and ways of life.  My goal is to take all of these experiences and give them to the people who have not been privileged enough to go out into the world and see it for themselves.  

Of course, I can’t afford to fly everyone out to the most remote locations in South America, but I will do my best to share with my supporters the experiences I’ve gathered by writing the best articles that I can write and by creating the best videos that I can create to place you into the very footsteps that I’ve laid.  

When it’s all said and done, I hope to continue leading you to those untold destinations, the off the beaten path villages that have not been acknowledge by modern day society when, in truth those off the beaten path places are the true roots of our culture because that’s similar to where we’ve all started in our “modern day society.”

Machu Picchu South America Peru Mayan Maya Ancient Ruins UNESCO

My biggest concern is what I’ll be doing in between each destination to ensure that I get the most out of my South American journey.  Whether it’s sipping a beer at the local pub with some locals, building a school for the children, or attending one of the many festivals that thrive in South America, my hearts’ desire is to learn what normal people do in those small villages outside of our “perfect world.”  

With that in mind, check out the general itinerary I’ve create for the embassy and the folks back home to keep in touch of approximately where I’ll be during my 6-8 month long journey:

South America Backpacking Travel Itinerary

Purpose of Travel:  

To expand new cultures, religions & ways of life to others around the world by way of writing & videography.

Duration of Stay:  

6-8 months

Sleeping Arrangements:  

Tent, Hostels, & CouchSurfing

Date & Time:  

August 2011-April 2012; time unknown

Onward Journey From:  

Goierno Bolivariano de Venezuela Airport, Venezuela

Mode of Transportation:  

Backpacking, Hitch-hiking, Boating, Bike, Rental Car, Train & Plane

South America Travel Itinerary Locations:

  • Fly into Lima, Peru
  • Santa Cruz, Peru  (Trek up to the peak of Cordillera Blanca)
  • Espiritu Pampa, Peru  (The ancient lost city of Paititi believed to have been the lost city of gold aka. “El Dorado”)
  • Manu National Rainforest, Peru
  • Choquequirao, Peru  (Ancient ruined Inca city in south Peru similar to the structure and architecture of Machu Picchu; nicknamed the “Cradle of Gold”)
  • Machu Picchu Railway Station, Peru
  • Machu Picchu, Peru
  • Ollantaytambo, Peru
  • Hatunrumiyoc, Cuzco, Peru  (The stone with 12 angles which was a mayan masterpiece about halfway down the old mayan wall near Plaza de Nazarenas, not far from Plaza de Armas.)
  • Lake Titicaca, Peru
  • Salar de Uyuni  (Largest salt flat in the world, over 4,000 miles)
  • Iguazu Falls, Argentina
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Marks the end of my backpacking trip.)

Like I said before, I didn’t want to make any major plans. Just like my travels through Southeast Asia, I’d rather leave my schedule open for an opportunity to happen. I’ve always believed that traveling is all about your experiences and if you try to choose your own destiny then what’s the point of traveling?

With the obvious factor of safety in mind, always keep an open mind, open arms, and load of energy to explore the previously unexplored and to see modern day cultures, religions, and cities in a new way.

Have you ever been to South America?  Where do you recommend going?