travel to see where your ancestors came fromAncestral discovery and deciding to travel to see where your ancestors came from has become increasingly popular. Lots of people are interested in finding out more about their genealogy and how it all comes together to make them the person they are today.

There are a number of methods that can be used to trace your family’s heritage including speaking to elder loved ones, reviewing public genealogy records, social media connections, and DNA testing.

Once you learn just how uniquely made you are, for many, the burning desire to connect on another level urges them to take a trip back to their ancestral homes.

Travel to See Where Your Ancestors Came From

What is Genealogy?

Just what is genealogy? Genealogy is best described as your family heritage. It is the study of your family’s origin. Those who become interested in learning about their heritage can trace their family line back to their roots. Many people have come to discover that their family has a long line of history spanning across several states or countries.

Why Travel to Your Ancestral Home?

Why go back to where it all began?

Learn Where You Came From

travel to see your ancestors

Your family history is a lineage of individuals who are all intertwined by DNA. It is essentially the story of how you got here – even before you were conceived. Traveling to where your ancestors came from allows you to connect the pieces of who you are.

With each person that you meet, a story that you hear, and destination you encounter, you learn a bit more about how you eventually came to be.

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Culture, Beliefs, Values, and Traditions

Traveling gives you a sense of belonging. It can give you a thorough understanding of why your family is so unique. Hearing stories over the phone, through emails, or seeing photographs are all great, but visiting the very land your ancestors got their start on provides you with a deeper sense of self.

Whether you’re in South America, Eastern Asia, or Southern Europe, being there gives you a clearer understanding of your heritage. The more you learn about a country’s history, culture, values, and traditions, the more connected you can feel to your loved ones and in tune with yourself.

Tips on Traveling to Trace Your Roots

Ancestral discovery travel to see your ancestors

Do you want to feel connected to a long line of relatives who graced the earth before you? Are you interested in feeling a sense of self-worth and confidence? Eager to learn about the very customs, beliefs, and values of your family?

The best way to experience this is to plan a trip. Below are some tips to help you get started:

Choose your destinations:

After determining your family genealogy, you’ll need to decide which country or countries you’re interested in visiting.

Find a tour guide:

Having an experienced tour guide or trusted relative along for the trip that can give you guidance on the area you’re interested in visiting can give you a more in-depth look at how your ancestors lived and how those traditions and values are carried out today.

Gather as much information as you can:

The more information you can have prior to traveling to learn about your heritage, the better trip you’ll have. Talk with elders from your family or do some extensive research to get an idea of what areas to visit, who you might connect with once you’re out there, and anything else that would help you to get the deepest connection possible.

Be safe:

No matter how far you have to travel to learn more about your genealogy, safety is key. Do extensive research on the locations you’re visiting to make sure there aren’t any security threats you should be concerned with. Let someone you trust know where you’ll be going, keep posts off social media until you return, and be sure to make copies of your driver’s license and passport for safe keeping.

Who you are is a lot more than the person you see when you look in the mirror. You come from a long line of individuals who went through their own experiences to eventually give you life. That bloodline, in many instances, runs a lot deeper than you may have realized.

Looking into your genealogy gives you the opportunity to learn more about who you are inside and out. Coupled with the experiences you’ll get from traveling to where it all started, it can be an eye-opening opportunity that forever changes how you see yourself and others.

Would you travel to see where your ancestors came from?