It’s a common misconception to think that the only paradise to be found during the winter months is somewhere tropical.  But why?  Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you have to sit in and wait patiently for the summer months to arrive before you go somewhere fun.  

There are plenty of winter escapes just a few hours flight from virtually anywhere you’re at this winter.  As long as you know how to find a cheap flight, pack up your bags, tune those ski’s/snowboards and get ready for a wild winter vacation!

Aspen, Colorado USA

Aspen at 13,000 feet

The view from Highlands Mountain is Sick!

As a world wide winter destination, I can say with confidence that Aspen is a fantastic winter destination to get out of the office and take a few runs down the slopes.  With it’s cool small town vibe, exquisite cuisine and gnarly slopes you’re sure to spend the time of your life in this underpopulated and underrated ski town.  

Just be sure to take a wad of cash with you as it’s not cheap.  A small meal can run your wallet into the ground and a one night stay in a bunker style hostel room starts around $40 USD.  What the best way to get around here?  Through the locals!  Trying to meet people through before landing at the airport can ensure an affordable winter vacation and keep you out of the tourist traps; turning a $2000 week-long vacation into a $200 two week-long vacation.

Prague, Czech Republic 

One of the most popular cities for tourists in Europe is Prague, and once you explore the attractions on offer and understand the history of the city it is not hard to understand why. Take a stroll on Charles Bridge for magnificent views of the city, or walk up to the world famous Prague Castle which dominates the Prague skyline.

Near to the castle is Golden Lane, a street lined with shops and ancient houses which really captures the history of the city.  Prague, a city that has been recommended for me to visit numerous times is a must see!

Helsinki, Finland 

This may not be the first city on your wish list, but increasingly more and more people are discovering the beautiful Finnish capital. If you like your cities to be lively once the sun goes down, then Helsinki will not disappoint.The trendiest bars are found in the Kamppi & Punavuori districts, although another popular area for locals around the train station in the city centre.

It can be a bit pricey here, but it is perfect for a flying visit or weekend break when the often icy and snowy weather creates a winter wonderland feel.  Not feeling the city?  Then check out the winter aurora out in the backcountry.  Build yourself an igloo with a small campfire and enjoy the evening show…bet of all it’s free! 😉

Berlin, Germany

Good Friends

Oh Germany!  This economic powerhouse of Europe has plenty of really cool cities which are worth visiting. Berlin being one of the most popular, where you can visit the Brandenburger Gate, the historic Reichstag building & of course what remains of the Berlin Wall.  

If you want to experience typical Berlin life, head to Alexanderplatz, one of the busiest squares in the city where you can relax with a German beer and sample one of the local cuisine while people are watching.  This place is pure heaven & loads of fun!

Are there any other cities which you feel make fantastic winter destinations?