This world hurts me.  It’s the truth.  At times I feel dead inside or damn close to it.  I mean look around you.  For all the bad we’ve done, the destruction we’ve caused to this wonderful place we call home and we’ve done little to nothing to stop it.  What is wrong with us?

Are we destined to be the cause of our own self destruction simply because our greedy habits is something we just can’t learn to control.  And what about the harm we’ve done upon ourselves.  The destruction, the war, the death, the pain…it’s something we must look at on a daily basis but due to our current stage in existence we choose to just turn our heads and look the other way.  What is wrong with us?

Sunken Ship

If we continue at our rate of self destruction, our fates are the same as this ship.

And it doesn’t stop here either.  There’s a long list of things that I can continue to write about…the hate for each other, the hate of life, the pain to you, the pain to me, the politics…I’ve no idea what to do.

The ignorance and carelessness of our actions WILL ultimately be the death of us.  Why must we do this?  We’re killing everything and ultimately we’re killing ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.  I’ve just one question for you:

Why aren’t we doing anything about this?

Why are we allowing those select few greedy bastards step in and take our four course meal away from us only to return our plate with some processed bullshit?   They are more than willing to hand over to us that plate with a smug grin on their faces because they know they are getting away with murder.

I don’t want processed bullshit.  I want a beautiful meal and you should to.  I want to pick my own vegetables from the garden I grew myself.  I want to eat a healthy meal full of vitamins and nutrients, not high fructose corn syrup and monosodium carbonate…what the hell is that anyway?

What I’m getting at is that if we don’t step up and take our world back now then it’s going to be taken away from us.  I miss the days when mankind used to stand up for what he/she loved and thought was right.  I miss the days when a father could stand up and say that’s not right & I’m not doing this to his employer when he had the grounds to do so.

I miss the love and compassion of our family…our family on earth.  We’re all here together and we need to learn to leave our differences of the past just there: in the past.  

No amount of religion, money or politics should change who we are.

There are a few select souls of our time that had the courage & the devotion to step up to what they thought was right.  Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery in the United States because he saw it unacceptable and inhumane.  Nelson Mandela who spent 20 years of his life in jail due to his opposition to apartheid and upon release showed no anger; only words of kindness to his former political enemy.  Wangari Maathai who, amongst many other things, stood up for environmental & human rights.  And these are only a select few.

But when are you going to step out and make a difference?  When are you going to step out and be the next Mahatma Gandhi or Iqbal Masih?  We’ve all got the passion inside of us but at a young age we were shaped to keep it hidden inside so that we would “go with the flow” of things…but why?  So you can be handed a small plate of processed bullshit?  That’s totally bogus and just not right.

We should learn to live with each other, with our enemies, with our environment, with our world and with our ourselves.  Take a look around you and see…seriously take a moment and look around you so you can see.  Look at your family, your friends, your enemies, all the people you do and don’t see on a daily basis.  

Now take a look at the bigger things.  All the living things that call planet earth home.  Look at the world…even the universe.  

Now let yourself step back and take in what we’ve done with all this.  Are you happy with what’s going on?  Are you happy with what you and many others have done whether it be intentionally or unintentionally?  When was the last time you told somebody you loved them?  When was the last time you simply made eye contact with a total stranger, smiled and said hello?  

Be a Flower

Stand out amongst most and become a blooming flower.

I’m not saying that you should go out and start giving speeches on how to make the world a better place (although if you did do this that would be great).  I’m just saying that changing the world can sometimes start with the small things.  

Remember that you can be just like the seed of a Lotus flower: with a little tender loving care, devotion and commitment you too can grow to be a beautiful thing.  You too can help others grow to be a beautiful thing.

Your life is in your hands.  Please do something about it.