Are you about to embark on a great outdoor vacation and want to record lots of amazing videos while you’re on your adventure? If that is your aim it is important that you’re prepared for it – and that starts by packing the right gear.

Although it may seem like a good idea to be safe rather than sorry, the last thing that you want to do is pack too much gear.

If you do you’ll probably end up with a very heavy pack, which is not what you want when you’re on an outdoor vacation.

Instead of that, you should focus on the essential gear so that you’re prepared and yet not weighed down by it.

Essential Gear to Record Outdoor Adventure Videos

The Right Video Camera

Essential Gear to Record Outdoor Videos

Needless to say, the first thing that you should pack is your video camera, but what is the ‘right’ video camera to take on an outdoor vacation?

To be honest, the ‘right’ video camera is whatever video camera you own, and there’s no need to go overboard or buy a special camera just for an outdoor vacation. In the event that you do want to get one or you to have several cameras and are trying to choose between them, there are several factors that you should consider such as its weight, battery life, waterproof rating, and ability to cope with lighting conditions.

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A good mirrorless camera is one option you may want to consider – due to the fact that it is comparatively lighter and able to record better videos as opposed to standard DSLRs.

Gear to Record Better Videos

Best Gear to Record Outdoor Videos

Aside from the video camera, there are several other types of gear that you could take with you so that you’re able to record better videos. Some of the options that you may want to consider include:

1) Travel tripod stand

A good tripod stand can be used to keep the camera steady when you’re recording and make it easier to pan the camera uniformly. Nowadays there are many that are designed for travel, and are light and can be folded up so they don’t take up much space.

2) Camera holder

Instead (or in addition to) a tripod stand, you could find a camera holder that allows you to strap on and mount your camera in various positions. Although it is a good way to record videos while using your hands for other things, it won’t really keep your camera that steady.

3) External microphone

Assuming you intend to record not just the sights but also the sounds – you need an external microphone. The built-in microphone on most cameras won’t really cut it and the sound quality won’t be great. Selecting the right external microphone to record outdoors can be difficult, and you’ll want to consider its directionality as well as how it copes with wind and other conditions.

4) Portable lighting

To record in low-light conditions or at night, carrying a portable lighting solution of some kind is crucial. Nowadays there are lots of LED panels that are designed for outdoor video recording and will fit directly onto your camera. Alternatively (or additionally) you could use reflectors for daytime recording.

As you can see the gear listed above will help you to record far better videos and cope with a diverse range of conditions that you’re likely to encounter on outdoor vacations. It is up to you whether you feel they’ll be needed or not, however – and all are optional.

Additional Outdoor Video Recording Supplies

why video record in vacations

Aside from gear to record videos, it helps if you carry additional supplies that will make a world of difference in some cases. In particular some of the more essential supplies that you will probably need include:

  • Spare Batteries

    • Spare batteries so you won’t run dry mid-recording. Try to make sure you carry enough spare batteries to last you as long as you need until you get the opportunity to recharge your batteries.
  • Additional storage

    • Additional storage that you can use to ensure you’re able to record high-quality videos without running out of space. It helps if you use high-speed memory cards that will make it easier to transfer videos as well.
  • Laptop or Tablet and Video Editing Software

    • Laptop or tablet and video editing software is optional but can help – especially on extended trips. It will let you review the video footage at the end of the day, make alterations, and discard anything that isn’t needed. For example, you could use Movavi Video Editor to learn how to make a video on the spot.
  • Waterproof and Padded Pack

    • Waterproof and padded pack to store your camera and any other recording equipment. It should be big enough to fit everything, and waterproof so that it is protected against the elements. If you’re traveling someplace that is sandy, you may want to make sure it is airtight as well.
  • Waterproof Sheet

    • A waterproof sheet that you can use to shield yourself and your camera if you are recording video footage in the rain. It could be something as simple as a tarpaulin sheet – though there are several purpose-built options that you could consider as well.
  • Cleaning Kit and Tools

    • Cleaning kit and tools so that you’re able to keep your camera clean and avoid any issues while you’re on vacation. When you’re outdoors there’s no telling what might get into your camera or on your lens, so it is important you have everything you need to clean it thoroughly.

Once again although the gear listed above can be very helpful, most are optional. That being said considering they are generally light and easy to pack – it would be wise to err on the side of caution as far as they’re concerned.

Final Words for Outdoor Video Gear

why video record in vacations

Now that you know what gear is essential for recording videos on an outdoor adventure, the next question is: What do you already have, and what do you need to get?

Being prepared and taking the right equipment with you will definitely make it a whole lot easier to record better videos while facing far fewer issues along the way. In short – you should make a list of what you want to take with you, and start packing.