Best Free Travel Apps to save you time, money and stressMany free travel apps on the market have become an essential piece of everyday travel gear, but the best are the ones that do their work well – saving people some much-needed time and money.

Most travelers find that the best travel apps will help them navigate around a city, find local amenities and discover attractions as well as manage their budget.

It’s quite clear that those apps are useful for travel – especially if they do a really good job at what they claim to do.

As for my take on it, take a look at these top travel quotes for some travel inspiration, then continue below for the following best free travel apps that will help you save time, money, and stress on your next adventure. One thing’s for sure, technology has definitely affected the way we as people travel.

Best free travel apps

Lyft or Uber

Depending on where you’re traveling, if you want to go anywhere, Uber or Lyft is there for you. As company’s that provide drivers that will take you to your desired location, these free rideshare apps are generally much cheaper than a taxi, and you do not need to make a phone call. Just connect your starting point and your destination then Lyft or Uber (whichever you tend to like most) will send you a driver. Once you enter your credit card, everything will be taken care of.


HotelPal is one of the best free travel apps you can find, and it’s available for both Android and iPhone. The application allows you to find the best deals available to book a hotel. The search function allows you to search for a hotel room by ZIP code or city. iPhone users can automatically open a list of rooms in their area with the GPS functionality of the iPhone so that they can find cheap accommodation wherever they go.

HotelPal consists of chain hotels, charming inns, and private local motels. Each list includes current prices and full-screen images of hotel rooms and other services. Wanting to take a more local route when you’re traveling? Then check out Couchsurfing or find a budget-friendly hostel – both will give you a fun atmosphere as well as the chance to make friends by meeting other travelers.

Google Maps

Most people are familiar with Google Maps, but it is also a useful mobile application. Google Maps can locate an address, and help you get there (whether that’s by car, bike or walk) and with a fairly detailed layout. The GPS application comes equipped with step-by-step voice instruction where you can even view 3D maps to make sure you know where you are going. Google Maps is suitable for Android or iPhone and certainly something you should always have on your phone.


Personally a favorite of mine as I am an avid user, this is one of the best free travel apps a traveler can ask for. TripAdvisor can provide you with a lot of information when you are in a specific destination; including detailed contact information and reviews. The app offers many opportunities where you can narrow down your search for specific things, such as price and distance. It is also easy to connect to other social networks through the application. Hands down, this program saves you time, money and valuable effort.

Google Translate

Just as remarkable as the day it first came out on the market, the Google Translate app provides a wide spectrum of translations (103 different languages to be exact) that is not only available to look up, but is available via conversation. You can listen to translations out loud and even use your phone as a passage for dictation. If you’re looking for a free translation app with offline access, Google Translate has you covered there too. Simply favorite a phrase and/or word then use them for offline access as well as within other apps.

This comes particularly handy when you are traveling to places like Xining in Northern China or the outskirts of Thailand.


The Kayak app is available for Android, BlackBerry as well as iPhone, and you can find the best prices on flights, hotels, and car rentals right from the app. The application has a clear and simple interface that allows you to search, view, and book from your smartphone.

When you book, you can keep track of your flight data and manage all of your bookings with the features of flight tracker and tour management. The application also contains a list of important information from airlines, including contact numbers and a list of additional costs.

What are the best free travel apps you use while traveling around the world?